From spring to summer

We are moving from spring into summer.
From kaphas season into pittas season.

Spring that is dominated by the elements of kapha, the water and earth element possesses a heavy quality. We are moving into the summer and the elements of pitta, fire and water which possesses a more light and sharp quality. The weather will be warmer and can bring out the heat in us. Under this season it will be wise to indulge in activities with a more cool and calm quality and reduce the meals and herbs which possesses heating qualities. This will keep the body and mind from overheating. Overheating can be seen in both the mental aspect and the physical aspect. Pitta can bring out more sharp and heated emotions and inflamed symptoms in the body. If we don´t stop to take care of ourselves pitta can cause with its very intensity a feeling of stress and having a hard time slowing down. The fire that pitta carries has the ability to transform everything we take in, from what we eat to the impressions we take in in our everyday lives. This means that one easily can indulge in too much action and activity, and that is why we try to implement more cooling and calming qualities in the food that we eat and the lifestyle which we live. As always when there is a change in our environment the change that is happening around us can be sensed in us, we can get overwhelmed by the change or we can let it show us the direction in which we should strive for to avoid living a life in imbalance. Moving out from the slow, dull and heavy energy that kapha possesses can be a feeling of relief for many. But if we haven’t managed to take care of our needs we´ve had to move closer to balance the action pitta brings can make us feel overwhelmed. Everything depends on how well we have been taking care of ourselves during this former season. Have we been able to make decisions that brings us more lightness into our lives or have we been swept away by kaphas heaviness.

The transition inbetween seasons is the best time for a detox. It can be everything from a juice fast, a monodiet, implementing a nourishing excerice routine, a detox from social media to going away for a couple of days to clear our mind and recharge our energy. What you need depends on the state of your physical and mental health. The detox is to clear away all of the excess kapha that has been accumulating during spring. Kapha is the dosha which accumulates and stagnates in the body and mind and needs help to be ”flushed out”. We want to clear the excess dosha when entering a new season for the body to be in the best state possible. In this way we avoid build-up from the imbalance that may have been created during the previous season. This is beneficial to us when we are being exposed to the energies of the next season coming up, the body and mind will then not be in a state of imbalance.

Kapha in excess can manifest as a dull and apathetic mind, depression, laziness, attachment, clinging on to certain ideas, behaviours or people and having a hard time to let go in order to make space for something new. In the body an imbalance in kapha can show itself as overweight, water retention and excess mucus production.

The season of pitta brings us the fire element which has the ability to transform. Have we for example had an idea, a wish or a goal we´ve been putting alot of thought in, the season of pitta can help us tranform the idea into action in order to begin the fruition. But this needs to be done in a calm and harmoniously way, away from stress and the need to perform and achieve.

The different elements of our surroundings, in this case the different seasons, has a powerful influence on our inner state. We need to learn to listen to the condition which our body is in to be able to act accordingly and not be swept away by the powerful elements in our enviroment. Summer is a time were many of us enjoy the months when the sun brings warmth. Especially in the north where the months of summer are few. What we decide to do with the strength of pittas possibility to transform is up to us. Do we direct our energy to only pleasures and indulging in situations which do not support our growth? Do we stress trying to make time for all the things summer has to offer? Or do we use the power of this season to move forward in a more calm pace and direct our energy to bring our positive intentions into fruition?

During pittas season we would gain from introducing a more calm and hamonious attitude towards ourselves and our daily chores and routines that our every day lives consists of. By doing so the possibility exists to counteract the heat which easily can create more stress and eventually burn us out. The happenings of summer can make us direct our focus towards everything we should manage and find time for. But if we manage to change our course and instead focus on working towards the well-being that we find through remaining centered and in our state of inner peace , we can then much easier begin to notice the moments stress begins taking over our lives. And in that moment we can find our way back to our inner calmness and be present here and now.

To cool down the body we can use aloe vera juice, mint tea or cilantro to keep us cool during the hot months of summer. Activities like yoga, meditation or breathing excerices helps us calm our nervous system and keep the mind calm and cool.

So once again we have the possibility to chose to listen to what our body is telling us in order to understand what we need right now to begin our journey towards a more balanced way of life.